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    clearing mist, avebury, wiltshire

Clearing Mist, Avebury. Wiltshire. 1997


The b&w photographs on this website were created by Michael Gray from the moment of image capture through to post processing .With many years of interest in fine art black and white photography the collection of work has evolved in style ranging from the natural world to urban landscape.

The photographic image is created from the photogrphers imagination with the camera being the tool for the image capture, that said different atmospheres or effects can be achieved with the choice of camera which include Olympus 35mm format, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Bronica, Fuji and Horseman medium format plus a Wista 5x4 large format, all currently used for the b&w photography on this site.

The choice of b&w film also has a big influence on the final look and feel of the b&w image with many types tried over the years current films used are Ilford HP5, Ilford FP4 and Kodak Tmax400. Analogue photography remains my prefered method for image capture with prints processed digitally.

Thank you for looking.

Michael Gray


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